Mar 20, 2009

15 million Africans are ready for work - Got Tasks?

I followed a twitter comment by Tim O'Reilly that quoted Nat Torkington saying "first 5 minutes redlined my awe-ometer."

So I just had to watch the video he was referring too, and the above screen-shot is how it ends. I know I spoiled the punch-line, but it's still worth watching so click the link and enjoy!

The presenter, Nathan Eagle, has started a service in Kenya and East Africa, called TextEagle, which allows mobile phone users to complete small tasks by SMS and get rewarded for it, in airtime or in credit. For a workforce living on $5/day and eager for more airtime, this works like a charm. Tasks include simple text translation services, local news reporting, and even listening to advertising!

This really is 'crowdsourcing' in action.

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